Digi-Tools In Accrual WorldJanuary 26, 2024x
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Socket to us Johnny Gaunt, what’s on the 2024 accounting tech agenda

Ryan, John and Indi spend a bit of time popping the hood of Johnny Gaunt’s new venture, Socket. Hidden in stealth for the best part of a year, JG has re-emerged and taking Linked In by storm with his recent spate of social influencing on speed. Hear more about his latest venture and how he’s helping to remove friction points and avoid the Frankenstack that is so common place when navigating several different accounting softwares. And a little sprinkling of app news this week: - Accountancy sector grew 0.3% https://insightfulaccountant.com/accounting-tech/general-ledger/soon-to-be-released-quickbooks-solopreneur/ - Horizon 20 year software scandal https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/tech/accounting-software/horizon-the-20-year-accounting-software-scandal - QuickBooks solopreneur https://www.accountancydaily.co/accountancy-sector-grows-gdp-rose-03 - Revolut closes payroll https://www.linkedin.com/posts/michaelecolley_payroll-revolut-revolutpayroll-activity-7150040959865540608-fDav?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_ios - Freshbooks product releases https://www.freshbooks.com/blog/product-updates-2024 - Quadient links to Xero https://www.quadient.com/en-gb/news/Quadient_integrates_with_Xero_to_automate_and_streamline_accounting_for_SMEs - Ryan hits 50th in UK top 100 (due to rating change ) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/uk-linkedin-accountancy-top-100-social-selling-index-joage/