Digi-Tools In Accrual WorldJuly 10, 2024x
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It Takes A Village To Transform A Profession - PLUS FreeAgent's Secret Admirer & The Latest App News

Welcome back to the Digi-Tools in Accrual World podcast!


Join us as we throwback to Accountex, where Ryan decided to desert us for the peaceful woods. 

Indy lost her voice, John was knackered - but thankfully we had some stellar help from the Systems Advisory Network. 

As always, this episode covers the latest in app releases, raises and acquisitions

Plus, we see which of us can delay mastication the longest.

Special shoutouts to our Accountex saviours: Dayle, Julie, and Keaton. 


00:00 Intro

App News:
02:09 Lightyear Acquired
03:19 Access Group's Acquisition Strategy and Ecosystem
05:00 Canopy + Practice Management AI Innovations
08:22 Layer's Ambitious Goal to Replace QuickBooks
10:21 FreeAgent's New Integrations and Updates
11:54 FYI Elite: A New Era in Practice Management?
13:03 Why iplicit are a great employer
14:06 Everyone’s favourite Xero update…
14:51 Quickbooks Ledger
15:18 Valid8me… validated
15:51 Sage's CoPilot and AI Developments
18:01 AirWallex Bill Pay Solution Integrated with Xero
19:36 Mercia and Inflo's Partnership
21:15 Ember and HSBC UK's Embedded Finance Partnership
22:35 TaxCalc Expands with Group Reporting

24:25 FreeAgent Tortoise or Hare?

29:42 Delayed Marshmallow Mastication

System Advisory Network: Accountex Retrospective
32:58 Introduction
33:32 Insights from Dayle and Julie
34:42 Keaton's Experience and Reflections
35:39 Diverse Queries and Solutions
36:54 The Digital Disruptors Network
37:35 Conversations and Networking at Accountex
43:16 Exploring New Technologies and Vendors
51:27 Outsourcers As Far As The Eye Can See!
55:39 Final Thoughts and Future Plans

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