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We aim to be the go-to place for all things digital in the accountancy and business space. Providing news, interviews and insights gained from our experience of working in and advising businesses on digital transformation. Give us a listen, send us some feedback, follow and rate us!

Our Hosts

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Ryan Pearcy

Ryan is an experienced digital transformation specialist, heading up the SB Digital team at Scrutton Bland in East Anglia. A Chartered Accountant with more than 15 years experience assisting small businesses, he is passionate about using modern technology to make positive changes for business owners. Not quite as knowledgeable as John, but definitely funnier, Ryan brings charm and sophistication that struggles to overcome his distinct lack of hair. Ryan mostly finds himself putting his foot in his mouth or completely forgetting everyone’s names. When not working or recording podcasts you will tend to find Ryan on the golf course, or under the thumb at home.

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Indi Tatla

Producer Indi has bounced around the tech startup scene for over 15 years. From logistics tech, to ecommerce to app tech. Currently leading marketing for fast-growth fintech startup, AREX Markets, helping SMEs unlock cash trapped in their unpaid invoices. A tech enthusiast with an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for making friends, Indi is still relatively new to the world of accounting but a thirsty learner. Unedited Indi tends to bring disruptive banter to the podcast, most of which ends up on the cutting room floor, with the best bits teased out over the season.

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John Toon

John has been bouncing around the cloud accountancy and app ecosystem scene for far too long in many peoples' opinion. An early adopter of Xero in the UK he's worked as a Virtual FD, in the cloud, before it became cool to be one. He now heads up Digital Transformation at Beever and Struthers, leading on projects both internally for the practice and externally with clients. Recently labelled the "voice of the accounting profession in the UK" he's still trying to figure out if this was a compliment or not.