Digi-Tools In Accrual WorldApril 30, 2024x
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Accounts Payable Automation: Who will win out? We catch up with Nook, one of the OGs of AP automation

Have you caught the news on the latest apps in the market?
There are some new kids on the block in payment automation apps, and we're keen to hear from some of the OGs to find out their perspectives and lessons learned on market trends/adoption over the last two years. We spend some time with Joe Lines, CEO of Nook, to talk about tech innovations, future features and the appetite from SMEs for more. 

Tune in if you're looking to compare the market on AP or AR automation.

We also spend some time with Vipul Sheth, whose upcoming pre Accountex event is imminent. If you're not on his list and want to see whether you'd benefit then here's 8 minutes from the man himself.