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Season 3 Episode 2: Throwback to John taking the piste, latest app news, what will Jonny Gaunt do next?

We are rolling on with episode 2.

In this episode we throw back to the time where John was incapacitated and locked in a Flinder chalet - left to his own devices he pondered life's big questions... and mainly what Jon Gaunt would do next post his exit from Dext. Joined by some friendly faces, Alex Bond Burnett, Pamela Phillips, Luke Streeter and Dave Sellick.

Damon from Employment Hero gives us another 5 minute dose of the benefits of integrated HR, payroll and AI.

We also cover in app news:

  1. Xero launch beautiful business fund – financial awards for small businesses - deadline in a month - Xero unveils new AI tools, $690,000 Beautiful Business Fund (smartcompany.com.au) , https://www.intuitiveaccountant.com/accounting-tech/vendor-news/xero-beautiful-business-fund-submissions-now-open/
  2. Xero product announcements Sydney 2023 - Product wrap from Xerocon Sydney 2023 | Xero Blog
  3. Xero sneak peek at inventory upgrade from US roadshow - US Roadshow Accelerate: Xero brings the product announcements (and the noise) | Xero Blog
  4. QBO fixed asset module (US) - Whats New in QBO: Fixed Asset Management in QBO Advanced - insightfulaccountant.com (intuitiveaccountant.com)
  5. Apron raises $5.5m in funding round, available for charities and launches confirmation of payee Say hello to Apron: the powerful payment platform that’s raised $5.5M in funding | AccountingWEB New feature: charities are now welcome on Apron | AccountingWEB It's a match! New feature: Confirmation of Payee | AccountingWEB
  6. Silverfin goes live AI assistant - Silverfin boots up AI assistant | AccountingWEB
  7. FreeAgent using AI - How FreeAgent uses AI | AccountingWEB
  8. Firmcheck (formerly connectworks) hire Kevin Lord – Head of Sales at Freeagent and Chaser
  9. Translucent accounting raises £5m seed round - Translucent Accounting Platform Raises £5M Seed-round - insightfulaccountant.com (intuitiveaccountant.com)
  10. Reflow added to Xero app store – field management for construction, highway management etc – now over 1,500 apps on the xero app store worldwide and over 20,000 that connect via the API (thanks to heather smith for that insight)- XeroAPI on X: "Welcome to the UK @Xero App Store, @reflow247! Re-flow's field management software for construction, highway management, civil engineering, rail and landscaping helps firms & industry heavyweights M.V. Kelly, Colas & BMI, reach the next level. Details: https://t.co/BlWLcvOdOd https://t.co/gijCpcp2Hl" / X (twitter.com)
  11. Empowered by cloud – Laura Taylor construction focussed accountancy firm trial 4 day working week, reverted after 4 weeks(2) Post | LinkedIn
  12. Incompetent accountant - Incompetent accountant showed no grasp of CGT | AccountingWEB
  13. IRS set to go paperless by 2025 - IRS Set to Go Paperless by 2025 - insightfulaccountant.com (intuitiveaccountant.com)
  14. ICAEW launch enquiry into gaps in HMRC digital journey - Gaps persist in HMRC’s digital service journey | AccountingWEB

Thanks to Leigh @ Nomad for his seriously sharp editing skills.