Digi-Tools In Accrual WorldDecember 05, 2023x
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Payroll Software - who do we bed, buy, bin? From Coconut to Oak North - joined by Sam O’Connor

In this episode John spends some time with Sam O'Connor, GM at Oak North and ex-Co-Founder of Coconut, for a post mortem on the exit of Coconut. As most will recall Coconut exited earlier this year to GoSimpleTax - thanks to a delayed MTD for ITSA. But we hear all about how Oak North, one of the fast growth and profitable Banks in the UK is working with Accountants in the UK.


Followed by a bed, bin and buy session with John and Ryan on payroll bureau softwares. That's right, we tell you who we would get into bed with, buy or bin it. 


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