Digi-Tools In Accrual WorldDecember 27, 2023x
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2023: that’s a wrap. Intelligent Automation with Bots For That & which 2024 accounting event are you bedding, buying or binning??!

End of the year and that's a wrap for 2023. We end on the same note as we started with AI, or as Daniel Lawrence of Bots For That puts it, "Intelligent Automation".


Have you considered RPA or using AI of manual tasks such as bank reconciliation rather than hiring? Well this tidy interview gives you an idea of how other accounting firms are using intelligent automation in their processes. Seems like a fitting end to the year that has been all things AI.


And in app news this week: 

Finally BED, BUY or BIN for accounting events - what is coming up in the next few months. We cover the events we're putting in the bed, buying or binning off. Caveat - we are signed up to all of them including the inaugural FAB event run by Accounting Web in Birmingham this year. See you there!