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Episode 28 - The day after the night before

Ryan, John and Indi
Ryan, John and Indi

OK so not quite the day after, in keeping with holidays, this episode is a pick 'n' mix for those who have managed to get through all the kids films in the cinema this summer.

This is our Back To School medley where John, Ryan and Indi interview Alex Von Schirmeister, EMEA MD of Xero, to talk about the release of XeroGo and Xero Instant Pay - as well as the plan for European expansion. 

Followed by a quick update from Johann Goree, our QuickBooks Expert, to get the inside view on QuickBooks Online Advanced. Is it the same as the US version? Seems like a cheaper price than the US - what's the catch?

And finally John and Ryan are joined by the charismatic and charming Amy Cotton to evaluate the feedback post Xerocon. Are the releases appealing enough? Was Xerocon worth the visit in the heatwave? Why are teacups not fixed to the saucers?!

Find out all in this episode.