Digi-Tools In Accrual WorldAugust 22, 2023x
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Back for good! Rolling with Season 3

It's Season 3 and we're all set for another season with our new editor in tow, thanks to Leigh at Nomad Video. In this episode we cover app news, the big pricing debate and an intro to Damon from Employment Hero.

In app news this week:

Xero and Dext price increases (also Sage) - Dext pricing change from today | AccountingWEB
Fathom – budget release – Adding Budgets for Divisions | Fathom Help Centre (fathomhq.com)
ApprovalMax or Cin7 Core - (1) New Messages! (approvalmax.com)
QBO aligned navigation - QuickBooks Online Navigation Revisions Coming Soon - insightfulaccountant.com (intuitiveaccountant.com)
Intuit pulls QuickBooks from France - Intuit is 'Turning Out the Lights' in France - insightfulaccountant.com (intuitiveaccountant.com)
QuickBooks workforce App - New QuickBooks Workforce App Goes International - insightfulaccountant.com (intuitiveaccountant.com)
Bright launches proposal software (Bright Propose) - Bright launches new proposal software tool | AccountingWEB
FYI sharepoint integration - FYI Software brings greater collaboration with SharePoint integration | AccountingWEB
UK government considers open banking through gov.co.uk Pay

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